Hackney Estate in Disrepair

Morningside Estate in Hackney is a huge estate run by housing association Sanctuary, but the estate is far from sanctuary for any of the residents living there.

Broken lifts, no security, broken intercom, the estate doesn’t even have a working lock on the front door. Some of the residents have to help elderly residents and young mums up and down the staircases daily, whilst many of the blocks are now exploited by drug dealers due to the lack of security.

The problems have reportedly been going on for years but the homes are still being rented for as much as £1,700 a month for a two-bed flat.

The residents have reached the final straw as the last remaining lift has recently broken, forcing a family to carry their ill grandfather down the stairs to get him to hospital. Sanctuary will reportedly carry out an overhaul of the estate, repairing the entry system and lifts by April next year.

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Amazon Key- smart home delivery

Amazon have expanded their Amazon Key capabilities by adding another 5 types of smart key to their supported models list.

There are now 8 compatible locks in total for the service which allows Amazon delivery staff to drop your parcel inside your front door. There are several obvious pros and cons to this system but as the system is still so new, kinks will still be being smoothed out to ensure the safety of your home.

The Amazon Key service requires you to have a smart lock specifically made for the program, allowing the Amazon delivery personnel to safely deliver your parcel even if you aren’t home. There is also an Amazon Cloud Cam on the market to ensure your delivery driver isn’t snooping around your home.

If you are considering upgrading your home security, contact Locks 247 today.

Is your house secure?

When was the last time you checked the security of your home? It’s probably not on your list of things to do. However a few simple steps can make your home safer and make it more difficult for opportunist thieves to break in.

Take a good look at the outside of your house, are there any broken windows or areas which might give easy access to an intruder

Make sure your door and window locks are working properly and in good condition.
Check that any side windows are secure – would they benefit from grilles if you live in a high risk area?
Do you have working security lighting on your front and rear doors?
Would you benefit from a security alarm?
Are you patio doors or French windows fitted with secure locks?
When was the last time you changed your keys? If you’ve moved in the last couple of years is it possible that there is a spare key in someone else’s possession?Do you need a safe to store important documents or valuables
?Only use an accredited locksmith for any work
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Patio Door repairs in Ascot

Digital or smart locks are popular in office and commercial situations. One of the advantages of a digital lock is there is no need for a key, this is also a disadvantage as if you forget your code you can be locked out and may need an emergency locksmith to gain entry.

A new innovative new variation introduced by Codelocks, is the CL4510, which overcomes this problem by taking advantage of modern technology.

More compact and thinner the lock is ideal for numerous situations throughout the workplace and other applications where access is required by a large number of people.

When the latest technology is integrated into a digital CL4510 lock, via Codelock’s NetCode application businesses have a flexible, quick self service system that allows them to generate new codes as required to allow entry for maintenance and deliveries which so they can operate safely and efficiently throughout the entire day. Various options and settings are available and the lock can be set to a Code Free mode if required.

Colin Campbell, sales director at Codelocks pointed out "The Internet of Things is having a profound impact on all areas of building management. Our new smart lock harnesses a range of technologies, automating access control, and significantly increasing flexibility for businesses."

By combining smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options, our smart locks suit a wide range of applications. From building managers to home rental owners, Codelocks customers around the world are recognising the benefits that our technology brings." For more information on Patio door repairs to locks in Ascot call us today on 0800 999 5599.

A survey of 6000 people by Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) has shown that many of us are putting our homes at risk when we move house, by not implementing one simple task, changing the locks.

Jim Maddan, chairman of NHWN, said: “These figures alone may not seem that surprising, but when you consider that around 11 per cent of the population moves home in the UK every year and that the average Briton moves eight times in their lifetime; then it begs the question just how many people could have a key to your new front door?”

According to the Office for National Statistics Crime Survey, in 92% of all domestic burglaries access was gained by the front or back door.

Clive Lloyd, managing director of Avocet Hardware, said: “Whenever I move home I make sure I change my locks as quickly as possible – the reason being the sheer number of people who’ve had access to my door keys in previous homes.”

“Whether it’s friends or neighbours we’ve given spare keys to while we’re away on holiday; workmen we’ve left a key out for; or even our grown-up children who still have their own sets of keys; there’s no escaping the fact a lot of people could still have the key to my old front door when I move. Therefore, I assume everyone else is in exactly the same boat and so change my locks as soon as I move.”

The message here is to stay safe and protect your home make sure you change your locks when you move, if you would like more advice on fitting Emergency Locks in Slough call 0800 999 5599.

New Security Lock launched

Avocet Hardware have just launched a new high security lock to their range designed to improve security and guard against ‘lock snapping’ commonly used by burglars and intruders.

The lock which is part of their Break Secure range is a British Kitemark 3 star rated lock and comes with a standard key which means reputable locksmiths will be able to supply them when necessary.

The ATK lock has a patented locking system which makes it particularly robust and effective against the illegal methods used by individuals to gain entry.

Clive Lloyd, Managing Director of Avocet Hardware, said:“ATK delivers Diamond Standard, TS007 3-star, British Kitemark and Secured by Design grade security against snapping, bumping, picking and drilling. It also provides a brand new level of protection and flexibility – both in terms of the incorporation of our click secure technology and the fact that it is available in dual colour polished brass/chrome and matt brass finishes with the option of keyed alike and master key suites. It really is an exciting addition to the Avocet range and one that I’m sure will have an immediate and long-lasting impact in the on-going fight against lock-snapping.”

A report has just been released by a security research firm which calls into question the safety of three top selling Smart Home Hubs which are now available online. The report suggests that far from keeping your household safe and secure they actually put you at risk of cyber and possibly physical attack.

The company discovered that there were quite serious zero-day flaws in the systems on sale. These are security flaws that the retailers were unaware of. It was found that hackers could possibly get into the systems and find out when people are away from their home, change the alarm settings and on a bigger scale gain access to local area networks through the Smart Hubs for malicious intent.

The report concludes that until adequate control systems are in place, consumers should be aware of the vulnerabilities of these electronic Smart Home Hubs and their potential for abuse by others.

Until that time a more conventional approach would seem more prudent for those looking to secure their home with suitable locks and security. For an emergency locksmith Ascot call us today.

Take care of your keys

It’s an astonishing fact that over 6,000 burglaries last year were not as a result of a forced entry. Thieves gained entry by using a key they had found ‘hidden’ around the property by the owner. A recent survey by insurers LV found that around 29% of those surveyed leave a key concealed outside the property.Make sure your keys are hidden from sight, it is amazing how ingenious burglars can be and it may be that they could reach your keys from outside through a letterbox or window. If your keys get lost together with information about your address you should making changing your locks a priority.Locking your ladders so they can’t be used to access the upper floors of your home is often overlooked. Garages and sheds are an easy target for opportune thieves and burglars, talk to your Emergency Locksmith in Guildford and get advice on a good quality lock, after all you don’t want to give thieves the opportunity to use the tools in your shed to break into your house!

TradeLocks Open Weekend is Great Success

Taking place on 22nd and 23rd November 2014, the TradeLocks event was an outstanding event for the locksmith industry. The open weekend had gathered a lot of attention in the sector and over 150 professional locksmiths made it to the event.

Many of the visitors travelled from the furthest corners of the UK to observe industry leaders running demos, tutorials and promotions. The majority of the attendees were looking to get involved and perfect their own skill-sets. This was beneficial for many businesses around the UK, including Emergency locks in Wokingham.

As well as mature professional locksmiths there were many budding apprentices the turn out. The event provided a perfect opportunity to get inside scoop on the industry as well as connecting with some of the main players in the locksmith game. For example Martin Pink and Chris Belcher, were willing to address questions and demonstrate their particular craft to the crowds.

The classes and workshops available over the weekend was highly comprehensive. Impressioning, cutting, cloning and re-pinning workshops and many more were in full swing. Children were also catered to with facilities and games to keep them occupied the whole day long. Food and drinks was also well catered to, both the beer tent and hearty hog roast went down a storm.

With heavily discounted prices on a range of products there were many bargains to be found. Many high quality supplier provided cut prices for those in attendance.

County Locksmiths’ Paul Watts described the event as: “A highlight of the year. The event ran smoothly including the workshops and tutorials. My son and I had the chance to experience a brilliant workshop class. The best part was having a trusted industry expert at our side to ensure we got the most out of our time. A weekend well spent!”

Trouble with breaking Locks

ITV are being blamed for passing off incorrect information on one of their TV features on 31st of October on the subject of lock snapping, stating some cylinder locks were likely to snap at some time. However it doesn’t affects all locks just Euro Cylinders and there are new standards that have been created to address the whole issue and this is where the confusion seems to have come in the programme.

When it comes to cylinders a new test standard to address the situation was SS312 a test standard developed in 2010 by Sold Secure, one of the UKs leading manufacturers of security products. Then in 2011 TS007 with its star rating a standard developed by the manufacturers through the Door & Hardware Federation and Glass & Glazing Federation, and a standard that BSI have chosen to Kitemark against. A Kitemarked cylinder has to be a 3star cylinder, even if sold as being “anti-snap” or “snap-resistant” it has not passed any snapping test whereas all kitemarked cylinders have passed the test.

Finally any cylinder with a Kitemark on it will protect against snapping, if Kitemarked then it has to be 3 star or you may want to look for the harder to achieve Sold Secure Diamond approval.

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